Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The doc says that by now she should be able to say 4-15 words that everyone can recognize, and we've got that going with classics like:

daddy (pronounced dah-e!, two syllables supercollided into one)
bye (this usually follows "papa," Dad's the only person she's said it to more times than her mama)
more (but never just "more", always x3, accompanied by sign language)
and you might not be able to get this one by itself, but with the index finger shaking at you, no problem: one more

Those are the universal ones that anyone can understand, but she's probably got a couple dozen more where she just says maybe the first syllable, but we know what it means, of course headlined by:

Batman (bah)
Sally (yaya)
water (wawa)(and how did that get to be universal babyspeak, anyhow? It's pretty much a cliche, but what about this particular word makes every single one of them just repeat the first syllable and move on? Is "ter" such a dicey consonant sound that they want no part of it for the first few months of talking? She rocks the q-sound, no problem, speaking of ones you'd expect them to save for last, if only because it shows up so relatively rarely)
berries (beh-e)
love (luh)(and "I luh" definitely = "I love you," though no sign of that last syllable on the horizon)
glasses (dada)(because she saw me in glasses a lot during the formative week when this association was on-deck?)
milk (nana)
light (lie)
diaper (bi-pah)
golf (gah!)
shoes (goo)
Olivia (lih-ya)
Joker (joe)
Robin (rah)
comic (kah)
laundry (lah)
rock (rah, you need context for this one, pretty much impossible to tell if she's talking about drums or stones or Boy Wonders, now that I think about it)
cookie (koo-e)
cracker (krah)
color (cuh)
crayon (cruh)
pencil (pih)
drum (druh)
hat (hah)
barrette (buh)
Jubilee (day)
Tommy (tay)
I gotcha! (I-gah)
and since I've started typing, we can go ahead and add: who? (how?)

Then she just started in with other relatives' names this past weekend:
Oma (so, Dad loses the O-, Mom gets the back -ma shaved off)
Uncle Brett (Uh Breh)
Aunt Lulu (is, yeah, pretty much LuLu)(so that's why she went with that)

And the sign language she consistently rocks is:
all done

Plus, nodding and shaking her head. That counts, right?

I'm sure I'm forgetting half of what's coming out of her mouth, the commentary has really shot up the past week, week and a half. If she's in the mood, she'll repeat about everything you say, shepherding us into a golden age of expletives deleted. Going to have to go back through DEADWOOD in a little while just to regain balance.

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