Monday, June 28, 2010


I love drumming on RockBand because that's the only instrument I've ever run across, or well, let's say run across and cared enough about, that I just could not play. I mean, the limbs, they no workee independently. But that's what's so great about this game, whereas the guitar and bass gameplay is garbage when compared to the real instrument, you could take a kid and put him in a fallout shelter with the game for a few years and when you let him out, if you put him behind a trap-set and started playing tunes he knew, there's a reasonable chance that he'd work it all out pretty quick and be able to actually play drums alongside you. Or, hey, jump out from behind the kit and try to rip your throat out with his teeth, it really depends on the kind of person he was when you put him in there.

Point being, big fan of the drumming component of that game, and she's finally old enough to dig it, as well, already way into drumming along to other music, but she gets pretty happy to see the old man slamming on the digital skins. I finished tearing up a Clash tune and turned around and she'd set herself up just like you see here, got herself a blanket because I had the fan on because I was generating HEAT, and, you know, it might not seem so crazy to anyone else, but I'm barely used to her walking around, really, so just the fact that she'd get all nestled in like this and cozy to enjoy the show, pretty cute.

Of course, one diaper/clothes change later, she was ready to get on in there and tear it up herself.

The timing will come, but I'm pretty sure she gets it.

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