Saturday, June 12, 2010


All right, the previous post started life as SALSA & SALLY, but I just couldn't do that to poor ol Sally after the way the first half ended up. At any rate, back when Truman was fending off communists and godless McCarthy spies, Mom had this rubber doll she named Sally. She held onto her and I took a shine to her when I was a little guy, even pulled some (all?) of her teeth, though I don't think we ever managed to convert those into currency. Well, Her Majesty is crazy for Sally (pronounced "YaYa"), dragged her around most places and pushed her in the stroller everywhere else. Before NapTime on Tuesday, she was going pretty crazy, so I tried to ease her into it by having us tuck in Sally on the living couch. Of course, she had to jump right in and snuggle up.

And, by way of comparison, here's an old shot of me holding onto Brett & Sally just right before Jimmy turned it over to Reagan to get rid of those Reds, once and for all.

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