Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So, with really not that many Sunday afternoons at his disposal, Miller's Opapa (my pop) has managed to pass his love of golf on down to such a degree that it's got to be at least partially genetic. I meant to throw the Masters on since Thursday, but kept forgetting. Then Saturday, after a baby shower for the Manns, capped off by stopping for a pint at a real-life Action Sports Bar!, we rolled home and threw it on ESPN for the highlights.

She loves it when they thwack that drive off the tee-box.

But she likes it best when the ball lands on the green.

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  1. I see a future golf outing with Micah @ LCC. He just got his first set of real golf clubs. Pretty happy to hack around the back yard for now, but I am sure he'll smell the links sometime and be hooked. She looks great in green!