Thursday, April 15, 2010


True & Accurate Breaking News from the frontlines of child care:

So, we're having breakfast, only bagels so far, and she's still got her doll wrapped up in her right arm, eating solely with the left, but then when it's time to switch to grapes, I ask her for the doll, just so it won't get her dress - or that incredible Little House thing that for some reason I've been directed to make certain stays on the totem's head - wet, but she won't give me the doll, keeps holding her away from me, Miller putting herself between the baby and me, to shield it protect it from the world, wonderful little microcosm of parenthood, and I'm thinking to myself, Wow, she already gets it, then just for fun, I show her the halved grapes and say, "Do you want grapes?"

Immediately, she hands me the kid, and says, "Bye," and this is her still waving goodbye five minutes and about a dozen grapes later.

EPILOGUE: To her credit, though, she's just this instant finished all those grapes (and orange slices) and the first thing she does is hold up her arms and shrug, "Baby?"

Back to it, then.

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