Saturday, May 15, 2010


Lately, our girl has been into pushing things. It really doesn't matter what she's pushing or where she's heading, the push really is the thing.

She's spent as much time behind her stroller as riding inside it.

Letting her mom take a turn on the swings.

Or helping her dad out with the Lone Star run.

Another opportunity for assistance emerged when we went out last Tuesday for a few holes of frisbee golf, the first time either one of us has made it out on the course since there was only one of us. She loved walking through the woods and seeing the discs fly, but her favorite part was when we walked up to the green to find the frisbees lying there waiting for the last throw. Never one not to pitch in, she ran up ahead, grabbed the discs and ambled on over to slam-dunk them in the hole, always a little bit out of sorts when I would take the disc out and walk it back over for the shot, just to make it official.

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